Entries by Lindsay DeCarlo

Studio Visit : Galerie Tangerine

“There’s a dark side to everything, a yin and a yang. That’s kind of how I like to design, too. I like to create, in the landscape architecture side of things, hard and soft elements. That creates balance, acknowledging the hard and the soft.” Anne Daigh shares a look into the intersection of art and design, of galleries and landscape architecture, in our latest studio visit to Galerie Tangerine.

Head to Head: Josh Habiger and New Hat

Foodie culture is a tricky thing in a city that’s torn between locals, tourists and outsider restaurateurs hoping to capitalize on Nashville’s buzziness. Josh Habiger, co-founder of the Catbird Seat and the heart and soul of Wedgewood-Houston’s Bastion, knows this better than anyone. Elizabeth Williams and Kelly Diehl, co-designers of New Hat and creative directors for Nashville Design Week, visited Bastion one afternoon to chat with Habiger about balancing freshness and familiarity.

Studio Visit : Oil / Lumber

Oil / Lumber’s handmade clothing and furniture are designed to exist and change with people over the years, and in the same way, the company’s studio has grown and changed with them. We sat down with Founder Ethan Summers in their studio and showroom to learn about their creative process.