All Week Long

NCDC Gallery
138 2nd Ave N
A Photographic Retrospective
All Week Long
Photographer Hannah Deits and artist Omari Booker combine their efforts to document the growth and change in Nashville over the last three years in this special exhibit.

Monday – November 4th

Hastings Architecture
225 Polk Ave, Suite 100
Holding On To Nashville's History
A Walking Tour of the Capitol District
Mon, Nov 4 at 7:30AM
A fascinating walking tour with David Ewing, recently named “Nashville’s Best Historian” by the Nashville Scene, and Hastings Architecture that will change the way you look at our city's robust Capitol District.
Galerie Tangerine
900 South St
Breakfast at Tangerine's
Mon, Nov 4 at 9:30AM
Learn how a project moves from paper to reality through this deep dive into the collaborative process with some of Nashville’s top building industry creatives.
Channel to Channel Gallery
507 Hagan Street
Behind the Zines
Mon, Nov 4 at 11:30AM
Who says print is dead? Creating small-run art publications is an art onto itself. Learn about the nuances of this process and why it’s so important in this insightful discussion moderated by Stephanie Koehler and Jon Sewell.
Belmont Univeristy
Hitch Building, Room 302
Room for All
Designing for Inclusion
Mon, Nov 4 at 1:30PM
Designing for Inclusion has been a hot topic, and it continues to build momentum. Join the experts in an engaging conversation about what it really means and why it’s so often misunderstood.
The Hill Creative Collective
2100 Dunn Ave
Happy Hour Show + Tell
Mon, Nov 4 at 4:00PM
Cheers to a culture of collaboration! Tour the inspiring studios of Southern Lights Electric, New Hat Projects, Oil / Lumber, Grand Palace Silkscreen and many other creative businesses inside of THE HILL.
Ed Nash Studio
1015 W Kirkland Ave, #414
Panel + Party
Taking the Leap
Design Week Opening Party
Mon, Nov 4 at 6:30PM
NDW 2019 opening night party! Sometimes NOW is the best time to follow your dreams and burn the return ticket...

Tuesday – November 5th

Gresham Smith
222 2nd Ave S, Ste 1400
Design Thinking 101
Hack Your Morning
Tue, Nov 5 at 7:30AM
Mornings can be better! Learn how to tackle the day with innovative problem-solving solutions through design thinking.
Meet at Starbucks
424 Church St., Ste 110
Kinda Sketchy
An Urban Sketching Workshop
Tue, Nov 5 at 9:30AM
Start the day with a pencil in hand experimenting with forms, proportions and perspective on this sketching tour of downtown.
Frist Art Museum
919 Broadway
The Art of Art Identity
Tue, Nov 5 at 11:30AM
Learn how renowned cultural institutions create branded identities first-hand with DJ Stout, partner at the prestigious, award-winning design firm, Pentagram.
Frist Art Museum
919 Broadway
The Art Identity Workshop
Rebranding a Non-profit
Tue, Nov 5 at 1:30PM
A master class in design! Roll up your sleeves with DJ Stout of Pentagram in this fun and interactive workshop about creating impactful and smart brand identities.
Fort Houston, David Lusk, Peck Design, DesignUps
Wedgewood Houston
Wedgewood Houston Studio Crawl
Tue, Nov 5 at 4:00PM
Wedgewood Houston creative studios open their doors for a happy hour studio crawl.
Alfred Williams & Company
2960 Sidco Dr.
Exhibition + Party
Sustainability in Fashion
Challenges and Proposed Solutions
Tue, Nov 5 at 6:30PM
As environmental impacts in the fashion industry increase every year, sustainable strategies are not just a trend, they are imperative. Hear and see how Nashville fashion designers address this critical design constraint.

Wednesday – November 6th

Studio 615
272 Broadmoor Dr.
Design Thinking & Branding in Public Transportation
Wed, Nov 6 at 8:00AM
A coffee-soaked conversation about designing and branding for the transit user experience.
George Jones Museum
128 2nd Ave N.
Designing for Voice
Wed, Nov 6 at 9:30AM
Businesses are jumping on the voice-based technology bandwagon at record-breaking speeds. Explore how brands are creating dynamic voice-based experiences for their customers, and learn how to build your own user-friendly Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions.
Poverty and the Arts Studio & Gallery
1207 Dickerson Pk.
Design Below the Line
Wed, Nov 6 11:30AM
Designing for Accessibility vs. Hostile Architecture--a thought-provoking conversation on how design can be used to both unite and divide communities.
Meet at Bento Nashville
1267 3rd Ave S.
Modular Concepts
Alternative Housing in Nashville
Wed, Nov 6 at 1:30PM
The future of housing lives in Nashville! Explore two of Nashville's newest housing developments embracing innovative modular technologies in design, construction and delivery.
Crawl begins at HDLA
507 Main St.
East Side Studio Crawl
Wed, Nov 6 at 4:00PM
Open Studio Crawl along the East Side's creative corridor. Pop in to see special events curated for NDW 2019.
Wilburn Street Studio
307 Wilburn St.
Talk + Eat
Design For Equity Dinner + Discussion
Wed, Nov 6 at 6:30PM
Break down barriers while breaking bread. The Design for Equity Dinner & Discussion is an intentional, multi-course meal designed to address racial equity in the design field.

Thursday – November 7th

Hastings Architecture
225 Polk Ave, Ste. 100
What's Next For Nashville Arts
Thu, Nov 7 at 7:30AM
How does unprecedented growth shape and impact a city’s arts scene? Join the leaders of Nashville’s most prominent arts organizations as they discuss the city’s current artistic landscape and how it will evolve in years to come.
507 Main St.
Public Space Workshop
Thu, Nov 7 at 9:30AM
How can public input make design better? If you’ve ever spent time in a public space and thought ‘this doesn’t make sense,’ or ‘it would be better if…,’ then this workshop is for you.
L+L Marketplace Event Center
3820 Charlotte Ave
How Design Can Be More
A Conversation with Nashville Entrepreneur Center
Thu, Nov 7 at 11:30AM
And we’re live! The Entrepreneur Center’s Navigate Podcast in conversation with Masaya & Co. and Nisolo exploring the business of sustainability and design.
1026 Herman St.
It's Only New To You
A Conversation About Adaptive Reuse
Thu, Nov 7 at 1:30PM
What’s the difference between preserving a community vs. reimagining it? Can we do both at the same time? Design professionals, artists, developers, and brokers team up for a discussion on the art of using a placekeeping approach to adaptive reuse projects.
Fat Bottom Brewing
800 44th Ave N.
Talk + Drinks
Brews & Brands - Part Deux!
Thu, Nov 7 at 4:00PM
Branding isn’t your logo or your product’s packaging, it’s the sum of everything you do and all you represent. Discuss the interworking of the Fat Bottom brand and business, taste some of their new beers, and embark on a tour of the brewery.
Johnson Center Theater at Belmont University
1953 15th Ave S.
Citizen Architects
An Evening with Rural Studio
Thu, Nov 7 at 7:00PM
A night with Rusty Smith to learn the past, present, and future of Auburn University's Rural Studio.

Friday – November 8th

The Bridge Building Event Space
2 Victory Ave, #100
Room at Our Table
A Breakfast with Leading Women in Design
Fri, Nov 8 at 7:30AM
Break bread with some of the most powerful women in Nashville’s design industries, and discuss a wide range of topics that are relevant to creative women in 2019.
Synergy Showroom
800 6th Ave S, Ste. 200
Better Sit Down For This
A Furniture Panel
Fri, Nov 8 at 9:00AM
Pull up a chair! Learn how local designers and global companies create contemporary designs that withstand the test of time.
Good Wood Nashville
1307 Dickerson Pk.
Reframing the Reclaimed
A Material Discussion
Fri, Nov 8 at 11:30AM
Using reclaimed materials should conjure up so much more than the barnwood wall. Hear from a panel of makers, designers, and business owners who are using an innovative approach when it comes to breathing new life into old materials.
2208 Elliston Pl.
Future Nashville
How Tomorrow's Developments Affect Today's Communities
Fri, Nov 8 at 1:30PM
Should Nashville be a new town with old ways, or an old town with new ways? We’ll discuss how both old and new can co-exist in Music City.
Begins at NashBuild at Nashville Civic Design Center
138 Second Ave N
Downtown Studio Crawl
Fri, Nov 8 at 4:00PM
Downtown Studio Crawl featuring Keep Shop at Noelle Hotel, Dream Nashville, Studio 208 and NashBuild artist reception at Nashville Civic Design Center.
820 Cowan St.
Panel + Closing Reception
Behind the Curtain
The Process, Inspiration, and Execution of Stage Design
Fri, Nov 8 at 7:00PM
Join the designers of some of the world’s biggest touring acts and productions for a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the process of stage design. Closing Reception to follow.
820 Cowan St.
Closing Reception
NDW Closing Reception
Fri, Nov 8 at 8:30PM
Cheers to the inspirational week at this immersive closing reception, designed by some of the world's (and Nashville's own) top stage designers.