Design for Artificial Creativity


LUNCH (11:30 am - 1:00 pm)

The Athenaeum, 225 Polk Avenue, Nashville TN 37203

PANEL // Does Midjourney Dream of Electric Sheep?

Hosted by Kate O'Neil and Joseph Platt

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Does MidJourney Dream of Electric Sheep?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us. In the field of design, AI is challenging the way we create, communicate, and deliver products and services. From predictive analytics to generative design, AI models like ChatGPT, Mid Journey, and others are enabling designers to curate iterations and ideas in a new way. This event will bring together an architect, an artist, a muralist, a songwriter, and a software to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in AI-driven design.

The event will feature an interactive design session and a panel discussion. Some of the themes that will be explored include:
– The role of AI in enhancing creativity and innovation in design
– The impact of AI on design workflows, processes, and methodologies
– The ethical and social implications of AI in design

Whether you are a designer, a technologist, a business leader, or simply curious about the transformative power of AI, this event will make you think. Join us for an inspiring and informative session that will leave you with new insights and ideas about AI.

Lunch will be provided.


Kate O'Neil (Host)

Over the course of her career, nothing has been more important to Kate than fostering, uplifting, and being a part of the creative design communities that have a unique presence in Nashville. She has been honored to be a part of a multitude of impactful architecture and interiors projects over the years with HASTINGS. She is both a licensed architect and an interior designer and finds joy through bridging the interior and exterior on every project. Kate is one of four women who co-founded Nashville Design Week. Today she serves as a founding member on the Board of Directors and as a Partnerships Advisor. Nashville Design Week and the incredible people involved continue to inspire her daily.

Joseph Platt (Host)

Joseph is interested in the relationships that form between design, people, and technology. From the scale of a computer mouse, to high-rises, or a Tesla Roadster orbiting Mars, Joseph explores the correlation between design and play to wrangle the space we inhabit.

Joseph joined HASTINGS shortly after graduating from the University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Architecture + Design. Here, Joseph has been a part of large-scale mixed-use projects such as The Finery, Station East, and 1401 Church St. He has been exploring new technologies for design and representation as a founding member of the HASTINGS Technology and Architecture Computation Organization; as well as being a member of HASTINGS ImageWorks where he explores new means to represent and showcase how the unbuilt environment is tested.

Elliott Roche

As the son of a serial entrepreneur father and an organizational guru mother, Elliott has been engaged in building and systematizing the world around him for most of his life. A childhood spent playing with Legos, fiddling with power tools, and messing around with computers instilled in him a deep appreciation for well designed products and experiences. Currently the Chief Technology Officer at BillFixers, he brings a wealth of technological knowledge with him, from systems architecture and database administration, to product management and UX design. Headshot credit Daniel Meigs.


Sicasso, an abstract artist, has a deep affinity for color and form. In 2020, she transitioned her passion for art into an entrepreneurial journey, gaining recognition through local news features and creating murals in Nashville. Sicasso’s creative talent agency, Siiik Agency – Captured By Sicasso, facilitates networking with diverse business owners and promotes self-expression. Her abstract art showcases her commitment to capturing the world’s beauty, while her agency empowers other creatives to elevate their talents.

Brian Wooden

Melody Walker

Melody Walker is a songwriter and rabble-rouser originally from the SF Bay Area. After touring for a decade with her successful Americana-grass project Front Country, Walker is more focused on musical community and collaboration in her home of East Nashville. She writes with and for her friends, hosts a weekly writers round called Writers’ Kitchen and does songwriting and music industry discourse on TikTok. 2023 finds her releasing her first solo music in over a decade and creating unique viral projects and content for niche audiences.