Design for Identity


EVENING (7:00 pm - 9:30 pm)

80/20 Social, 604 Gallatin Ave Suite 210, Nashville, TN 37206

EXHIBITION + FASHION SHOW // Self Expression on Stage

Hosted by Ania Diallo & Kamilah Sanders

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Audience members will be treated to a celebration of body art as a profound form of self-expression through a multidimensional fashion show.

Design for Identity is a captivating, live body art fashion show that showcases a vibrant narrative of body art’s evolution through time. This multi-dimensional event invites the audience on an immersive and visually stunning journey, tracing body art from its ancient roots to its contemporary expressions. Throughout the show, viewers will see body art not just as decoration, but as a profound form of self-expression and a vibrant commentary on culture and identity.

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Ania Diallo (Host)

Ania Diallo is founder and CEO of 9Muses Productions and 9Muses Henna. She is a full-time Creative Director and part time henna tattoo artist. Born and raised in Louisville, KY Ania has always been passionate about art, music, and fashion. Since she was young she has been creating audio-visuals. This is normally expressed through her creations of vivid paintings and eventually evolved into music video production.

Kamilah Sanders

Speaker, Event Curator, Creative Producer, Kamilah Sanders is Founder and CEO of Greater Than Equal. Focusing on disrupting creative industries, Greater Than Equal is an events and strategic marketing agency that uses an equity lens and a systems change approach for global collective impact to create a paradigm shift among citizens through Strategic Creative Equity Experiences that highlight unique perspectives, connect disparate groups and promote innovative, inspiring, actionable, thought-provoking conversations. As a Marketing & Business Strategist, Kamilah Sanders serves creative social impact founders turning their visions to reality and helping them maximize their impact on the world through using advanced technologies and innovative concepts in Sustainable Fashion, Art, and Equity focused social impact projects.

John Blackwell

John Blackwell is the founder of ECOA, a company dedicated to bridging art forms together within art, film, fashion, and music that leverages technology and design to create immersive experiences. Notably he launched the (Foreign Exchnge Artist) program, bringing artists to foreign locations to showcase their talent and experience other cultures and expand their audience while having the ability to collaborate on projects.

Jessikay (Henna Artist)

Danielle Drake (Model)

Domonique (Model)

Rahim (Model)

Zahri Waller (Model)

Lexx Lauray (Model)

Lenni Agusto (Model)

Jide Fresh (Model)

Frances Leggs (Model)

Elizabeth Howard (Model)

Poppy Teez (Model)

Jozetta Johnson (Model)