Design for Listening


LUNCH (11:30 am - 1:00 pm)

Nashville Entrepreneur Center, 41 Peabody St. Nashville, TN 37210

DISCUSSION // The Power of the Human Voice

Hosted by Grace Fuisz, Jessica Grande, Clark Buckner, and Faith McQuinn

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Attendees will learn how to design, start and maintain a successful podcast in a world where AI is on the rise.

As artificial intelligence continues to rise, impacting creatives and how we tell our stories, the human voice remains one of the most authentic, unique parts of our narratives. It’s at the heart of podcasting, a medium that, when well-designed, can fast-track trust, allowing listeners to get to know, like, and trust the speaker faster and on their terms.

However, new developments such as voice cloning and AI-created music pose unique challenges and opportunities for podcasters and other creatives. Our event aims to explore these topics and provide a roadmap for “preserving the humanity” in our work while also leveraging the benefits of AI. Panelists will discuss the implications of these technologies for podcasting and provide proven strategies for creating impactful, authentic podcast content.

Ultimately, the presentation will include a detailed walk-through of the five key steps to creating a successful podcast: content design, guest preparation, recording, post production, and publishing. By the end of the event, attendees will not only have a clear understanding of how to start and maintain their own podcast, but also a deeper appreciation for the power of human voice in designing compelling messages, and how to safeguard it in the evolving digital


Grace Fuisz (Host)

Grace Fuisz is an audio engineer from Washington, D.C. who originally came to audio through college radio, failing to get cast in musicals, and a random assortment of other audio projects. She is currently a podcast producer for iHeartMedia’s NBA partnership slate, producing shows primarily with the NBA and the NFL. Pic by Alyssa Barker.

Jessica Grande (Host)

Jessica Grande is a Nashville native dedicated to creating excellence in the digital landscape through creative content. She has helped produce four shows (for both work and fun), learning more and more about the podcasting space as she applies her content marketing expertise to every project. Photo by @LemonyDrew

Clark Buckner (Host)

Clark Buckner is founding partner of podcast production agency Relationary Marketing, staff member at Nashville Entrepreneur Center and adjunct at Belmont University. He’s co-organizer of the Nashville Podcasters meetup where it’s his mission to support new and existing podcasters. Headshot credit: Ian Maravalli.

Faith McQuinn (Host)

Faith has been a writer and video editor since 2005 where she spent nine years teaching film production and screenwriting at the college level. As founder of Observer Pictures, to date, Observer has completed four short films, two fiction podcast series, and three stand-alone podcasts.