Design for Online Visibility


MORNING (8:30 am - 10:00 am)

Eleven Willow, 11 Willow St, Nashville, Tn 37210

WORKSHOP // Not All Websites Are Created Equal

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Harness the power of brand visibility through SEO/Content.

Anyone can build a website but not all websites are created equal.  When it comes to building a name for yourself online, good design isn’t’ everything.  If you want your online presence to succeed –  whether it’s a personal website, e-commerce store, or other business, you must know how to harness the power of brand visibility through SEO/Content, multiple sales funnels, and optimizing your marketing/social channels, plus regularly updating your site.  This workshop will explore the top platforms for creating a website and integrations for each. Following the introduction, the host will dissect the nitty gritty details and deliver a step-by-step guide on how to build a solid foundation for growth. 

All attendees will receive a free day pass to work from Eleven Willow for the rest of the day.

Ticket Price: Free. If in person, there will also be a digital aspect so people can join online and watch/participate in the event.


Jaki Capozzoli (Host)

Jaki / Jak Digital is a  digital brand builder who’s been developing digital brands for over a decade. Jaki successfully guides  individuals and entrepreneurs through the creative process of how to build a strong foundation for growth  through your website, integrations, and marketing channels in an ever-evolving digital landscape.