Design for Reuse


HAPPY HOUR (5:00 pm - 6:30 pm)

Make Nashville, 620B Davidson Street Nashville, TN 37213

WORKSHOP // Igniting Innovation Through Craft

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Create your very own LED desk lamp with reused and new components. We supply the place, tools, and parts. You supply the talent and labor.

Single-use design and planned obsolescence, good for manufacturers’ bottom lines and satisfying for our short attention spans, extracts a huge price on our pocketbooks and our environment. We really should do better. And, we can!

This workshop will rekindle our innate human capacity to explore, innovate and repurpose the tangible stuff that surrounds us. Make Nashville will supply the technical knowledge, the parts, some snacks and beverages. You supply you.

You’ll start with a smattering of courage, a pile of parts – wires, switches, LEDs, disposable household treasures (aka “trash”) – and leave the workshop with your own self-made, 12 to 18 inch tall desk lamp. Feel free to bring in your own reusable components to incorporate into your design.


Steve Roche (Host)

An entrepreneur and inventor, Steve Roche came to Make Nashville to fashion parts for a patented prototype device — a pond pump pre-filter that fish keep clean. Steve is a native Nashvillian, father of four and joined the Make Nashville board in 2021, becoming President in 2023.

Sabrina Padilla

Sabrina Padilla is a Senior Material Development Scientist at Mars Petcare by day, and an avid foodie by night. When she’s not serving on the Make Nashville Board of Directors, you can find her doing pottery, drinking coffee, or spending time with her fiance, Mason, and dog, Ilsa.

Jon Scott Smith

Jon Scott Smith is a software developer for Tennessee State University and, in his spare time, studying mechanical and electrical engineering. He’s a CNC machine enthusiast, Make’s CNC Shop Captain, complex problem solver, and eager to discuss philosophy, science, and technology with most anyone.