Design for the Black Culinary Experience


EVENING (7:00 pm - 9:30 pm)

Hardison House, 1010 Hardison Street, Nashville, TN 37204

PANEL + DINNER // Join Us at the Table

Hosted by HUE, Brian & Cassia Garrett

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Over small dinner plates, a panel of local professionals will discuss representation and creativity as they imagine the future of the Black culinary community.

When examining the Black presence in the culinary industry, we must recognize that our histories are unique and inform how we approach the dining experience. To overcome challenges, we have created innovative solutions shaped by design…the balance of flavors, the colors, shapes, and textures of each dish, the rhythm of service are all components of our dining adventure…characters in the story of this shared event. The final result is not just a tasty meal, but a satisfied feeling and a lasting memory.

Event hosts, Brian & Cassia Garrett of HUE, will bring together a panel of chefs and experts to highlight the journeys of Black culinary professionals. Our goal is to inspire the local creative community to imagine new ways of honoring and supporting the Black experience in culinary spaces. Guests will participate in a discussion over small plates highlighting the principles of design as they are incorporated into the visual and culinary elements of this event.

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Parking Info: no-fee parking adjacent to venue.


Brian & Cassia Garrett (Hosts)

Brian and Cassia’s professional backgrounds include education, hospitality, corporate training and luxury sales. As Co-founders of HUE, they are proud to amplify the stories of an under-represented group within the culinary space and create memorable experiences for guests.

Marcus Buggs

Nashville born and raised entrepreneur Marcus Buggs attended and played football at Vanderbilt University, leading to a three-year NFL career. Following a knee surgery, he returned home and began working with his mother in her restaurant, which was the catalyst for creating his own catering company and subsequent hospitality concepts, Coneheads and Plane Jane.

Chef Star Maye

Alabama native Star Maye has over twenty years of culinary experience, and released her first cookbook in June of 2022, which reflects on her personal journey to becoming an Executive Chef in Nashville. Her extensive resume goes far beyond the kitchen, as she is a mother, a U.S. Navy veteran, and recent Chopped Champion.

Chef Karen Thomas

With a passion for cooking from the heart, Chef Karen has an even deeper passion for sharing her Guyanese culture through the culinary arts.

Chef Jerod Wilcher

As an Executive Chef with over 20 years of experience running highly rated successful restaurants, Chef Jerod Wilcher has developed an extensive repertoire of cooking techniques and varied cultural cuisines.