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LUNCH (11:30 am - 1:00 pm)

Old School Farm Pottery, 512 Rep. John Lewis Way South Nashville, TN 37203

PANEL // Creating a “Better” Nashville

Hosted by Mane Impact

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A discussion will explore pros and cons of Nashville’s growth on creatives and how the design community can unite to capitalize on it.

Every creative industry in Nashville is impacted by the city’s growth, both positively and negatively. The city’s identity and growth are rooted in music and creativity. Is that creative identity irrevocable? Can design be used to leave Nashville better than we found it? How can we even define and tangibly measure “better”?

This panel brings together purpose-driven designers from various industries to explore the effects of Nashville’s growth on creatives, how they’re personally responding, and how design industries can unite to better the Nashville community.

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Ron Yearwood (Moderator)

Ron Yearwood is an Urban Designer and certified Planner with Barge Design Solutions in Nashville, TN. He has a strong interest in creating and envisioning more livable, better connected, and sustainable cities. With experience in both private and non-profit sectors, Ron thrives on community engagement and envisioning the future of cities and places through a collaborative process. During his previous role at the Civic Design Center, he helped expand the crucial initiatives that positively impact Nashville’s future development, including their publications, Shaping the Healthy Community: The Nashville plan, and Moving TN Forward. Ron continues to pursue his interests through volunteering with community groups and professional organizations, including AIA’s Regional and Urban Design Committee, various programs through the Civic Design Center, served on the board of Transit Now Nashville from 2014-2019, and is the current Director of Strategy for Nashville Design Week 2023.

Hannah Vaughn

Hannah Vaughn is the Founder of Mane Impact, a marketing and design firm focused on developing user-centric websites, leading strategic marketing campaigns, and building brand awareness and sales pipelines for social impact brands. She is also the Founder of Hannah Vaughn Gogh, a sustainable art brand that has been featured in the Nashville Scene as well as at Tomato Art Fest, Crafty Bastards, and Firefly Artisan Fair, among other exhibitions.

Fabian Bedne

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabian Bedne has been involved in politics, architectural design, and community development projects for decades. He most recently held the title of Community Development Manager in the office of Mayor John Cooper, where he was responsible for special projects like Participatory Budgeting, Neighborhood Academy, and reviewing Capital Spending Plan proposals.

Nicole Brandt Minyard

Nicole Brandt Minyard is the Founder and Executive Director of Daybreak Arts, a social enterprise nonprofit that creates artistic and economic opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity by providing them access to the creative resources needed to achieve personal fulfillment and success. She has spoken and advocated for the importance of the arts for marginalized communities in various cities and was nominated for East Nashvillian of the Year in 2019 and 2021.

Eric Capehart

Originally a professional counselor and certified life coach, Eric Capehart now serves as a member of the Mayor’s Office of Community Safety. Eric has also served as the Vice Chair for the Bordeaux North Nashville Participatory Budgeting Steering Committee and as Metro Davidson County Beautification Commissioner. He has played pivotal roles in allocating resources to community projects and enhancing the visual appeal and environmental quality of the county in order to create a better Nashville.

Jill McMillan Palm

Jill McMillan Palm is the Executive Director of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville, a non-profit that provides entrepreneurial education and capacity-building resources to more than 8,000 individual artists, arts nonprofit leaders, creative businesses and arts enthusiasts annually. She was elected to the Nashville Emerging Leaders class of 2019, and was named as a finalist for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Emerging Leaders Award in the Arts, Entertainment, and Music Business category in 2021 and winner in 2022.