Fuller Hanan

Fuller is a Co-Founder, former Director, and current Board Member of Nashville Design Week.

She is a mom, a creative, a wife, a sister and a daughter who embraces all of the attributes that define her and the way the order of the attributes shift each day. She embraces the space in the in between of figuring out how to be a mom, a professional designer and a person! When she thinks back on the early days of NDW and the why behind starting this for Nashville — it was the need for a creative community outside of ourselves and our current orbit. A way to learn from each other in different industries, different backgrounds, different generations— a way to find the common threads amongst all of the things that make us different. That in between.

As for her professional background, she is a big picture, strategic thinker and dreamer who went to architecture school at Auburn University. She has worked in a traditional role at architecture firms of various sizes and has found her niche in the positioning space. In positioning, she blends her passion for design and strategy and connections that reverberate through the soul. She wholeheartedly believes that design is for everyone and that it’s our charge as designers to connect people to ideas, products, spaces, places, experiences — no matter what realm — to make them better. We are the problem solvers of the world and we need to seek opportunities outside of our traditional and prescribed lanes — or color outside of the lines. That’s where the magic happens. It’s where we find where we need to be, at least for that season.