Kate O’Neil

It all started on the first day of a summer drawing course. Kate was completely shocked when the instructor wheeled in a TV and had the class watch the OutKast video “Hey Ya!” After being thrown off, the class listened eagerly to the explanation. Not many had noticed the symbolism, the movements, the use of color, and the overall design that were strategic to the video’s message. For Kate, it marked the beginning of a deep appreciation of thinking critically and differently. Over the course of her career, nothing has been more important to Kate than fostering, uplifting, and being a part of the creative design communities that have a unique presence in Nashville. She has been honored to be a part of a multitude of impactful architecture and interiors projects over the years with HASTINGS. She is both a licensed architect and an interior designer and finds joy through bridging the interior and exterior on every project. Kate is one of four women who co-founded Nashville Design Week. Today she serves as a founding member on the Board of Directors and as a Partnerships Advisor. Nashville Design Week and the incredible people involved continue to inspire her daily.